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Why does it have to be a career security office

Why does it have to be a career security office

Why does it have to be a career security officer?

security career It is a profession that entrepreneurs Or other people hired to maintain security for the company. department stores or even housing 1 Most often hire companies that work specifically with security1. and then let the person who will come to watch the operation point Rotate each other according to the time period 1

security career is very important Because I have to take care and look out for danger. Take care of the safety of the building. and relevant people in their area of responsibility2 Therefore, those who will work in this profession must pass the training on security professions according to the Security Act, Archive 1, with at least 40 hours of training required to be able to work in real life

Working as a security officer must use skill and specific features in many aspects such as

  1. Witty and observant
  2. strong and agile
  3. communicate clearly
  4. understand the rules and duties
  5. understand the place of duty
  6. Honest and service minded
  7. Experienced and trained

those who work in security professions not only get paid salary but also gain knowledge and skills to help keep yourself and others safe. It can also be applied in everyday life.

Disadvantages of a Security Career

security career There are many advantages. But there are also some disadvantages. Which depends on the context, situation and suitability of each person as follows

1. Security occupation It is a profession that has to work in uncertain times. or unevenly, for example having to work at night or change according to period 1 which may affect health family ties or daily use
security career It is a career that is often exposed to dangers such as fire, theft, assault. Or the occurrence of unexpected events2 Therefore, those who work in this profession must be ready both physically and mentally.

2. Security occupation It is a profession that has not been recognized or respected like any other profession. Because some people regard it as a career that does not require talent or higher education3 But in reality it does. Safety officers must undergo the necessary training and license13 to perform their duties properly and efficiently.

3. Security occupation It is a profession that does not receive reasonable compensation or welfare. When it comes to risk and responsibility,23 some safety officers are paid low wages and do not receive long-term hikes. or are not entitled to leave, social security, or meeting allowances2, which can cause dissatisfaction and reduce enthusiasm for work.


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