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A Brief History of Security

Security by its own definition is the state of being free from danger or threat. A concept that is I feel sometimes forgotten in the hustle and bustle of daily life in this modern world.

We can go back in time to see early examples in the Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs who hired private security guards for personal protection. Or to Ancient Rome or Ancient China where emperors had security guards for personal, family and property security.

The history of securing data reaches back just as far. Ancient Egypt is accredited with creating encryption (to disguise or protect sensitive information). In antiquity the Spartans used the transposition cipher, which involved changing the positions of the letters within documents. Julius Caesar is noted as being the first person to use encryption for military purposes, sending documents by shifting the letters in the alphabet by three.

created the Jefferson disk or wheel cypher – something which those of you who have read or seen the Da Vinci Code will be familiar with due to its similarity in appearance to the cryptex cylinder used to hide the location of the holy grail by author Dan Brown.

Security, and in some cases the lack of it, has fundamentally changed the shape of the modern world we currently live in. A prime example of this was the breaking of the German Enigma code used during the second world war. The Enigma device was a machine resembling a typewriter that used interchangeable rotors and a plug board with 159 million million million possible settings, which the Germans believed was unbreakable. However, the first enigma messages were broken in January 1940 and continued to be broken during the course of the war. Security has again evolved into IT security and cyber security which basically comprises of technologies, processes and controls that are designed to protect systems, networks and data from cyber-attacks.

Private security is not a new concept. Security forces existed long before a paid police force. Private security has a long history starting in medieval times when knights protected lords and ladies. In the colonies all able-bodied men were to stand a citizen’s night watch to protect the community from invasion and fire. ADT ( American district telegraph company) was formed in 1874. It is still today one of the largest alarm monitoring companies in the country. Washington Brink formed Brinks armored car service in 1891. In 1895 Allen Pinkerton was the first law enforcement officer hired to protect the interests of the railroads. It was in the private sector that the first SWAT (special weapons and tactics) unit was formed in 1899. Rangers would arrive in a special baggage car that carried eight men and horses. When a train robbery would occur these rangers would chase the robbers on horseback. William Burns founded his international detective agency in 1909.

Private security in this country has a long in some cases longer and more distinguished past than public law enforcement agencies.

Public law enforcement agencies can trace it’s origin back to Sir Robert Peel, home Secretary of England and the passage of the metropolitan police act of 1829. Sir Robert Peel‘s reforms developed the structure of today‘s Scotland Yard. A force empowered by law to prevent crime and apprehend offenders.

Before that time, London had a private security force consisting of a day time patrol, a night time patrol and a horse patrol to protect it’s citizens.

Thomas Jefferson in 1795

Allan Pinkerton and Kate Warne

House of Bunnag in 1782

The House of Bunnag (Thai: บุนนาค; RTGSBunnak) was a powerful Siamese noble family of MonPersian descent influential during the late Ayutthaya kingdom and early Rattanakosin period. Originally of Persian Islamic descent, they converted en masse to Buddhism. The family was favored by Chakri monarchs and monopolized high-ranking titles. By the nineteenth century, its power and influence reached its zenith.

House of Bunnag

Parent family House of Sheikh Ahmad
Current region Bangkok
Place of origin AyutthayaThailand
Founded 1782
Founder Chao Phraya Akkamahasena
Titles Regent of Siam (1851–1873)
Connected families House of Chakri
House of Na Bangxang
House of Abhaiwongse
House of Na Nagara
Ahamadchula family
Amatayakul family
Amatayakul family
Khotchaseni family
Savetsila family

Three of the four Somdet Chao Phraya came from the Bunnag family — Dis, styled Somdet Chao Phraya Borom Maha Prayurawongse; his younger brother Tat, styled Somdet Chao Phraya Borom Maha Pichaiyat; the eldest son Chuang, styled Somdet Chao Phraya Borom Si Suriyawongse. They played key roles in government and foreign relations until after the Front Palace crisis. As Chulalongkorn sought to undo the power of the nobility and pursue centralization, the Bunnags gradually withdrew from prominent roles in Siamese politics but continued to fill important official ranks.

History of Us

Armour and Duty Security Company Limited, formerly known as Chiva Co., Ltd., was established in 2006 (2006) by Khun Patchanan Bunnag, who is engaged in import and export business and has added a security department become a part of the company The caretaker at that time was Lieutenant Colonel Suprut Meikusu, the company changed its name again, Anoma & Sons Company Limited.

By this time, there were two expansion of the expansion in England, namely Arunsawad UK company namber: 7381892.
20 September 2010 Currency exchange services are available. Take care of valuable assets Provide accommodation And computer services To serve Thai people in England

Later on March 12, 2012 (2012)
Arnoma and son ltd (UK) company was established.namber: 7995818 under brand name ThaistudyUK This company provides student supervision and advice when it comes to studying in the UK. By representing various educational institutions

Until the year 2015 that Lt. Chack Bunnag returned from England. To serve more customers Therefore, the organization was changed and the name was changed to A4D Security Co., Ltd. and added bodyguards and events guard to our business plan with expertise in security work abroad with regular training and development of personnel
In 2017, the name was changed according to Security Business Act 2015 is A4D Service Security Company Limited

We intend to be one of the only comprehensive security companies with standards. We therefore use the standard of ISO 9001 to control the quality of our services and the ISO 17020 standard to control the quality of the individual. Also includes the standard of organizing various activities
We changed our brand to Armour and duty in order to communicate protection to our customers.

Our PrestigeJourney
and successfull projects

2006. Company Establishment

security department become a part of the company The caretaker at that time was Lieutenant Colonel Suprut Meikusu,

2010. Expansion to England

Arunsawad UK company namber: 7381892.September 2010 Currency exchange services are available. Take care of valuable assets Provide accommodation And computer services

2015. Bodyguards and Events guard

Even if you don’t want to hire bodyguards for yourself, you can hire them for your guests, top officials, or high-ranking employees.

2022. Standard to control quality

We therefore use the standard of ISO 9001 to control the quality of our services and the ISO 17020 standard to control the quality of the individual.

Event meeting in Salzburg conference hall, 2017

Our Client

Our clients include companies from different sectors: telecommunications, financial services, automotive supplies, production, retail, the public sector, energy providers and many more. They all trust in the heart of their company